Auto enrolment – if you haven’t yet staged

Since April 2012, all UK employers are legally obliged to automatically enroll all eligible workers into a qualifying pension scheme by a specific deadline (‘staging date’).  Where this applies you must by law create and maintain detailed records of correspondence with workers, workforce assessments, joiners and leavers and pension payments.  This is one of the most onerous challenges to face the businesses in recent years and the financial penalties for breach can be severe.

what we can do for you!

  • Auto Enrolment (NEST)

    Auto Enrolment (set up)

    • Confirm your staging date.
    • Your initial workforce assessment .
    • Acting as a point of contact for The Pensions Regulator.
    • Employee communications.
    • Confirm your systems are auto enrolment compliant.
    • Assess the workforce.
    • Completion of the Declaration of Compliance.
    • Develop your automatic enrolment action plan.
    • Recommendations on setting up the pension scheme.
    • Postponement planning.
    • Phasing plan.
    • Calculating the cost.
    • Setting up your pension scheme.
    • Liaise with your Independent Financial Adviser (if applicable).
    • Auto enrolment workforce education workshop.

    Auto Enrolment (on going responsibilities)

    • Assess the workforce every pay period and monitoring changes.
    • Process opt-outs and opt-ins.
    • On-going employee and statutory communications.
    • Reporting to The Pensions Regulator and answering queries.
    • Assessment of new starters and dealing with leavers.
    • Calculate contributions for each pay period.
    • On-going postponement planning.
    • Send enrolment and contributions to pension provider.
    • Maintain records.
    • Re-enrol eligible workers.

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